Do I automatically get accepted into the program?
We have approximately 200 spots in the program. We

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will accept the first 200 applicants, and then put all further applicants onto a waiting list.

Is it too late for me to apply to FOCUS?

Check back in the spring for information about 2014 pre-orientation applications.

Do I get to choose my service theme?
Once you sign up for FOCUS online (through Connection 2018) we’ll send out a questionnaire over the summer that will include your theme preference. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get your first choice, but you’ll be able to rank your choices and we’ll do our best to put you into a group

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that’s doing service you’re interested in. Seriously, though, they’re all super fun.

Where do I stay during FOCUS?
Groups will be staying together in churches or community centers in the Medford/Somerville/Cambridge area. FOCUS is not a religious affiliated program but we sleep and eat in the churches to create an amazing community of close to 40 students and encourage CRAZY FABULOUS bonding.

What do I eat during FOCUS?
FOCUS leaders will be shopping for food prior to the program and will have enough for three meals a day, snacks, and plenty of water! Groups all cook dinner together and provide some amazing meals thanks to our incredible leaders and support staff. If you have any allergies or are vegetarian/vegan/keep kosher all accommodations can be made.

How will I get to campus for FOCUS?

Planes! Trains! Automobiles! Segways! We’ll send out more details to participants over the summer, but no matter where you’re coming from, we can get you to Tufts. Our AMAZING support staff will be at the South Station bus/train terminal, Logan Airport, and of course on campus to meet participants on Arrival Day. All you have to ask yourselves is “am I ready to handle all of the love and excitement of ARRIVAL DAY!?!?” We have faith in all of you!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail us with any more questions! tuftsfocus@gmail.com