Faces of FOCUS

We asked our wonderful support staffers to give prospective FOCUSers some words about FOCUS and how much they enjoyed it. They are only one year older than our incoming group of 2014 FOCUSers, so their ideas and feelings about FOCUS are fresh and relevant!

Joey Cirone:unnamed
Hello fellow JUMBOS!! My name is Joey Cirone and participating in FOCUS made my transition into Tufts very easy. Not only does FOCUS provide you with an amazing friend base (I still get dinner with my FOCUS Family), but it also gets you familiar with the surrounding Tufts Community as well as the city of Boston. My favorite FOCUS memory was having a picnic with amazing weather at Boston Commons during our free day. FO-WHAT!?!? FOCUS!!!





Zach Smith:
As a geology major, I can confidently say FOCUS is full of rockstars! I met some of my closest friends through FOCUS and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Can’t wait to spread the FO-love next year!






Becca Leibowitz:
I loved FOCUS because it was an amazing way to make friends before the craziness that is college, while doing something that I love—community service!  My birthday was also during FOCUS, so my FO-parents got me a huge cookies and cream ice cream cake—which, with 10 spoons, my entire FO-family finished way too quickly!  FOCUS creates an incredibly welcoming and open environment that really helps ease the transition to college as you meet people who will become familiar faces around campus.  After a whole year of college, I can still say that some of my favorite memories are from FOCUS, and some of my best friends are my FOCUS brothers and sisters.




Miranda Siler:
FOCUS was the best decision I made coming into college! I got to explore Boston, learn the intricacies of public transportation, do great things for the area, learn more about Tufts from the awesome upperclassmen, and make amazing friends. It was the perfect transition into college and having a group of friends make orientation week incredibly less overwhelming. I can’t imagine what my Freshman experience would have been like without it!






Nayantara Dutta:
I met some of the most friendly, passionate, and happy people on campus through FOCUS. It was an amazing experience and made me feel so welcomed on campus! Some of my best FOCUS memories were sharing highs and lows (aka warm fuzzes and cold prickles) at the end of the day, late-night dance competitions in our community center (TRI-WHAT??), and relaxing on the grass and listening to live music by the Boston Harbor on our free day. You guys are going to have such a great time! ALL THE FO-LOVE <3





Becca MacLean:
Heyoooo I’m Becca and I love FOCUS because nobody else got swagga like us. My FoFamily has become a real family to me and my FoSister turned out to be my friendship soulmate. I can’t imagine finding a better group of people and I wouldn’t change the experience for the world. FoLove FoEver!!







Jason Rathman:
Hey potential FOCUSers! You are all probably soops sad about leavin yo familiez but if you do FOCUS then you get a new and better one! Join FOCUS and you wont regret it! #FOWHAT!?!?







Isha Patnaik:
Hi! I’m Isha, and FOCUS was the best decision I made before coming to Tufts. Not only did I meet some of my best friends, but I also laughed a ton, got excellent advice about college from my lovely FO-parents, and most importantly, honed my dance moves. I also got my Charlie Card (an MBTA pass), my ticket to to all of Boston’s wonders and people! I can’t wait for all of you to experience the wonderful service trips, the city of Boston, and hanging out with the best group of people ever! FO-WHAAAAAT?!?




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Sabrina Pearson:
HELLO JUMBOS! Participating in FOCUS was one of the best decisions I made my freshman year. It made my transition to college so much easier, and I met some of my best friends before orientation even started. It also helped me get familiar with campus and learn my way around Boston while doing community service, something I am really passionate about! Join us to spread the Jumbo love all around Boston. Also that cake Becca Leibowitz mentioned…. yeah, it was delicious.  #FO-WHAT?





Anna Linton:
HEYO JUMBOS!!! I can honestly say that FOCUS was in no small way one of the defining experiences of my freshman year. The people I met were incredible in terms of their compassion for others, their desire to better the world around us, and (of course) their suuuper quirky passions. My FO-fam was (and continues to be) such an amazing support system and the opportunity to volunteer in Boston made me feel like such a part of the community of Tufts and of Medford before orientation even started. I can’t wait to meet you all soon! FOCUS FO-LYFE.



Stay tuned for more!